Some thoughts about the future of TV


Concerning TV the appliance – With the demise of plasma TVs*, the line between TVs and computer monitors/tablets are further narrowing. They now both use LED LCDs for display; they both got brains; and they are getting interactive. The Microsoft Surface Hub might well represent the future of TVs/tablets – Sizable, smart, and interactive with a touchscreen. The future household might have a Surface Hub like piece on their living room wall, which performs tasks including greeting the family when they get home, displaying missed calls/voice mails/social media notifications, providing interface for adjusting lighting/curtains/temperature, and serving as a TV/gaming/video conference device when needed.

Regarding TV the service – Millions of people are switching from cable to low-cost streaming services. Inevitably, streaming will disrupt TV the same way the internet disrupted the music and print-media industries – by “unbundling” content and making it cheaper. This will also impact home networks – media streaming will become the No. 1 data consumer, therefore instead of streaming media over the existing cable Internet, we may get fiber Internet for streaming, and we will hookup laptops to the streaming device to access the Internet (Check out Google fiber).

* Both LG and Samsung ended production of plasma TVs in late 2014.


One thought on “Some thoughts about the future of TV

  1. Mustafa Jaber

    There is more into sending feedback about what you are watching and make more interactive via social media. TvTak (currently part of NantMobile) is one company who is doing that. It is just a simple app but the future of actually identifying what you are watching or getting promotions / ads customized especially for you via your TV is becoming real.
    Check this out:

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