What happens when LAX sends you an email?


You reLAX.



Once my favorite


Today I donated some of my nicest dresses and shoes. I almost cried when I walked away. Some of these were my favorite, brought from all over the world, and kept despite many times of moving and filtering. However, today I decided that everything that hasn’t been worn for at least once in the past year should go. I don’t need more clothes than I can wear. Sadly for girls, ‘like’ and ‘need’ are easily confused concepts. We are prone to collect things that we like, not things that we need. It’s very hard and sad to let go things that we like, even though we haven’t worn them for a long time, and we don’t know when we will wear them again… ūüė¶

Funny Signs in China


How mountains are named in China: (Not sure why ‘cock’ is¬†highlighted¬†in red though)


What people do in the restrooms at Starbucks in China:Image

Reminds me of mom:Image

Very¬†straightforward¬†translation: (The Chinese says ‘Entrance’)Image


‘Ladies’ room’:

‘Men’s room’:IMG_2253

Now I am scared of the floor: ¬†(The Chinese says ‘Caution, wet floor’)Image

Another ‘Caution, wet floor’:

Here comes the winner.
This¬†explains¬†why there are so many car accidents in China: ¬†(The Chinese says ‘Exit’)


To-do List After Family Visit


1. Go bald.
Because mom said: “Don’t over-wash your hair! Once a week is more than enough!”

2. If I wipe my ass using my hand, I will have to eat with my foot.
Because mom said: “Don’t use hand soup! Hand soup is bad for the kidney!”

3. Use leaves instead of plates.
Because mom said: “Don’t use dish detergent – it is full of chemicals! Be a naturalist!”

4. Quit the PhD.
Because mom said: “You spent six years on the PhD?! Dad and I are so ashamed of you!”

5. Break up with all my foreign friends.
Because mom said: “Look! Our neighbor forbid their son to make friends with foreigners!”

6. Break up with all my Chinese friends.
Because mom said: “You are so weird and introvert! Nobody would be friend with you!”

7. Deducing from #5 and #6, I need to make friends with aliens.

8. Be a lesbian.
Because mom said: “My coworker just said that no guy would marry you!”

9. Deducing from #7 and #8, I need to marry an alien wife.

Summary: Be a good kid without hair and PhD. Visit my mom again with my alien wife and alien friends. Cheer her up with a buffet where we eat from leaves, using our feet.

Lessons of Life from Poker


1. Information is key.
Those who are well-informed make better decisions. Skill without information can be useless. Don’t under-estimate the power of a tiny piece of information; it may turn out to be a game-changer.

2. Decision-making can be simple: Anything with a success rate of greater than the current risk tolerance is worth doing. Risk tolerance differs in various stages of life. Normally, anything with greater than 50% chance is worthwhile. It does not guarantee success every single time, but it does over the course of a lifetime.

3. Act the opposite during social interaction. Be active around a passive person, and passive around an active person. Appear weak with someone strong, and strong with someone weak. And so on.

4. Knowing when to give up leads to success.

How to Obtain a Phone Number of Your Choice


Most wireless carriers do not offer the option of revealing available phone numbers to their customers and allow them to freely choose one. By chance I discovered a way to browse among hundres of numbers almost in any area code, and pick anything I want.

What you will need: Internet, a working phone, and $3.00.


1) Sign up for Google Voice at http://www.google.com/voice

You could use your existing Google account. There shouldn’t be any issue except later you will need to disclose your Google account name and password to your wireless carrier. This is a one-time operation and you can always change your password¬†before and after.

2) Browse among the pool of numbers and pick any number you want. You can specify any area code, but some area code may have limited numbers.

3) Activate the GV number. You will need to set up a working phone as the forwarding phone. Either landline or cellphone is fine. You can always cancel the forwarding later.

4) Unlock the GV number so it can be ported away. You will need to pay a one-time fee of $3.00 to Google: http://www.google.com/voice/unlock

5) Call your wireless carrier and have them port in the GV number. Tell them you have a number that’s ready to be ported in. Carrier is Google Voice. Provide your GV’s account name and password. Be aware that your current number will be replaced, and you will need to notify all your contacts of the number change.

6) Wait for GV to authorize the request and your wireless carrier to complete the process. After a waiting period suggested by your wireless carrier, you should be enjoying the new number.

I got a really fun number myself. ūüôā